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A 100 day countdown of celebratory activities kicks off March

After Tim Burton was politely asked to abandon the series, 1995 unleashed the Gadzooks version of the world’s greatest detective in Batman Forever. Exactly one decade later, Christopher Nolan brought the Dark Knight to the world of sepia toned growling with 2005’s Batman Begins. Cut to 2015 (once a fucking gain, exactly 10 years later), when we were originally going to be watching Batman ponderously frown his way through 140 minutes of depressing violence in Zack Snyder’s Batman v.

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Trustees are not allowed to seek or hold a position with the

With the current Delta on the market since 2008 now six years ago, if you can believe it and sales languishing, the Delta is expected to be axed, leaving the Ypsilon (above) as Lancia’s only unique model. And with the Fiat and Chrysler groups merging into one, the Chrysler brand itself could take another stab at the European market. Just how long Lancia will last as a brand for Italy exclusively remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the Ypsilon living out the remainder of its lifecycle as the last new Lancia ever to roam any road anywhere..

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I think there a good opportunity for Conor to win in the

It might not have been the result many here dreamed of, but theteam, which has become known these days as the «Garlic Girls,» was hardly a disappointment in the host country. In fact, the silver medal exceeded the hosts’ most fanciful expectations.»This team has been the hope of South Korea,» said Kim Da Jeong, a 25 year old student about the same age as the team members who had traveled from Bucheon, south of Seoul, for Sunday’s final. «I’m still so inspired by them.

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